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The Brainstorming Network Group (BNG)  

BNG Motto - Exploring Fact... Discovering Meaning

The Brainstorming Network Group is a collaborative endeavor bringing together talented, gifted, and creative thinkers. The objectives include an exploration of amazing concepts, and to encourage discovery. We are visionaries interested in sharing ideas about creativity, leadership and wisdom. BNG serves as a conduit for new ideas, plus the facilitation and coordination of brainstorming. The members at the main group sites (Facebook & LinkedIn) are committed to open thought, creative writing, and experimental ideas.

In a survey of our BNG members, the top interest areas are as follows: SCIENCE - PHILOSOPHY - TECHNOLOGY - PSYCHOLOGY & HUMAN BEHAVIOR

Brainstorming Network Group (BNG) member achievements 2021:

Books For Peace - Winner Literary Competition International Special Award [DL]
Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival - Winner for the film Roman [CB]
NewBridge - Certification for Trauma-Informed Care Practitioner [TM]
World Genius Directory 2021 - Genius of the Year [TW]
Sidis Society - Qualified for High IQ Society [TJ]
Sidis Society - Qualified for High IQ Society [PE]
V.I.Z. Film Festival - Winner for Best Short Script - The Farm [CN]
Wallachia International Film Festival - Bronze Award for Film Script - The Farm [CN]
Chattanooga Award Program - Management Consulting Award [DL]
Global Genius Directory - Awarded High IQ World Recognition [IK]
Silk Road Film Awards (SRFA) Cannes - Winner Best Narrative Feature Film [CB]
Silk Road Film Awards (SRFA) Cannes - Winner Best First Time Producer [CB]
Brainstorming Network Group (BNG) - Winner Brainstorming Award for Slogan [TM]
Brainstorming Network Group (BNG) - Winner Brainstorming Award for Motto [LF]

Brainstorming Descriptions

Initially there were Brainstorm Sessions, from which the term was coined for Brainstorming or Brainstorming Sessions.

‘Brainstorm’ means using the brain to storm a creative problem and do so in commando fashion, with each stormer attacking the same objective.”

~ Alex Faickney Osborn


[1] Brainstorming is a process for generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and freewheeling group discussion where participants are encouraged to think aloud and suggest as many ideas as possible, no matter how outlandish or bizarre.


[2] Brainstorming is a group problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous contribution of ideas from all members of the group; also : the mulling over of ideas by one or more individuals in an attempt to devise or find a solution to a problem.


[3] Brainstorming is a technique used to solve problems and encourage creativity in which members of a group share their ideas about a subject.


[4] Brainstorming is a group session that encourages people to put heads together, rack brains, share ideas, think, conjure up, dream up, create, invent, plan, ponder, conceptualize, conceive, analyze, and deliberate.


[5] Brainstorming sessions can involve creative thinking, thought showers, exchange of views, excogitation, rumination, thinking caps, parley, reflection, contemplation, musing, and opining.


[6] Brainstorming is when participants concoct, construct, and cogitate to imagine breakthrough ideas.


[7] Brainstorming is the creation for a flash of inspiration, brainchild moments, a hunch, sudden thoughts, and improvisation.


[8] Brainstorming in groups is to theorize, ideate, and have an inkling, confab, debate, and form eureka moments.


[9] Brainstorming is a way to generate ideas within a group setting. It is usually used in the beginning stages of a project, where the possibilities for the project are not clearly understood or defined. It provides a quick means for tapping the creativity of a limited number of people for a large number of ideas.


[10] Brainstorming is an activity or business method in which a group of people meet to suggest a lot of new ideas for possible development.

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Brainstorming is a method of shared problem solving in which all members of a 

group spontaneously contribute ideas.


Brainstorming is a process undertaken by a person to solve a problem by rapidly 

generating a variety of possible solutions.


Brainstorming is a method of problem solving in which members of a group 

contribute ideas spontaneously.


Brainstorming is a group problem-solving technique in which members spontaneously share ideas and solutions.


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